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Safe, gentle, and professional home births.

Meet the Midwife

April L. Pierce is a Certified Professional Midwife in southeast Missouri and has been practicing since 2002. Her interest in midwifery began in her teen years, when she witnessed the home births of her mother's four VBACs. She has now attended a total of over 850 births. Her breadth of experience equips her to provide comprehensive prenatal, birth, and postpartum care.

As a Certified Professional Midwife and Texas Licensed Midwife, April is also certified in Neonatal Resuscitation and CPR for Healthcare Providers. She is certified by NARM as a Preceptor and has spent many years teaching students at a licensed birth center in Texas.

April works with families in Cape Girardeau, Farmington, and surrounding areas.

If you are preparing to welcome a child and are considering a home birth, contact April today for more information!

Why Home Birth?

Many of my clients have commented over the years that they felt safe, comfortable, and heard when using a midwife and planning a home birth. It is gentle, thorough, and professional care.

Midwives, as a rule, spend a significant amount of time with you at each visit, listening, asking questions, and providing care. As parents, you get to plan the birth of your child with your midwife and choose options that work best for you. For example, many mothers love the option of a water birth. I provide the pools and necessary supplies for water births.

Many families love how peaceful a home birth can be—surrounded by supportive providers and family/friends of their choice. It creates a beautiful setting for a sweet baby to be safely and calmly born into the hands of their parents!

Continuum of Care

  • Routine, thorough, prenatal visits, including various lab tests, in the comfort of your home.
  • Birth in your home, according to your plans and desires, but transfer to medical providers if needed.
  • Postpartum care for you and baby for six weeks, including assistance with breastfeeding.
  • Friendly relationship, 24/7 access to me for personalized care, classes and education on various topics.

Core Beliefs About Birth

"In a nutshell, I believe God created women's bodies to have babies. Pregnancy, labor, and birth are all very normal events in a woman's life and should be treated as such. As a midwife, my job is to provide professional care and ensure that mama and baby are both healthy and low-risk. Women need to be supported, heard, educated, and encouraged as they journey through this aspect of motherhood."

April L. Pierce, CPM


"April is an absolute treasure! She brings vast knowledge and experience to each birth and is your biggest advocate. As a registered nurse who wanted a home birth after having two hospital births, experience, safety, and respect were huge when choosing midwifery care. She brought all those to the table, plus more. She supported every decision my husband and I made for our birth and baby, and that was a huge factor in choosing home birth. We wanted a calm, safe, loving environment for our baby to be born, and she gave us just that. I cannot say enough good things about her, specifically, and midwifery care, in general."

- Desiree Felter, BSN, RN, Whitewater, MO

"I truly believe my home birth VBAC was such a success due to the safety, peace, and control of birthing in my own home, as well as the relationship developed with my midwife, April. The whole experience was so empowering, beautiful, natural, and a dream come true that I will cherish forever."

- Genevieve B., Fletcher, MO

"Our home birth experience was everything we envisioned it to be because of April! She knows when to laugh with you, when to comfort you, and when to get down to business. We knew this was her expertise, but watching her during the birth process and how she cared for me and for Stetson as soon as he was born confirmed what we knew. Neither of us had one single fear during labor and I felt so much more at ease knowing she was by our side and only a text away during postpartum, as well. God willing, we will have April by our side through several more pregnancies/births!"

- Sarah Schenimann, RN, Gordonville, MO

"Choosing a home birth and having April as my midwife was the best decision we made for the delivery of our second child. April was a joy to work with from start to finish. She was always well informed, willing to listen when I had questions, and gave multiple options to choose from when looking for natural alternatives. I appreciated her thorough and professional approach, gleaned from years of experience. She was very respectful of my needs and wishes during delivery while being attentive, encouraging, and making sure things were safe for myself and my son. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the care that I received after delivery and postpartum. April truly has a servant's heart and cares for each of her clients with an ease and poise of a professional. Something that was truly a perk of having a midwife was the home visits. Being pregnant and having a toddler made it difficult to leave the house at times and knowing that April was about to come to my home for check ups was a HUGE benefit. If a home birth is something that you’re interested in I would highly recommend April. She not only was my midwife and helped me through one of the most beautiful times in my life, but also became someone I would call friend."

- Morgan Valencia, Farmington, MO


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